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Michael Higginson B.Sc. ND. B.Nat. - Fellow ANTA - Member AROH


Geelong Homeopathic Health Centre

Michael Higginson

Homeopath - Naturopath

B.Sc. ND. B.Nat. - Fellow ANTA - Member AROH


Homeopathy and Naturopathy specialises in finding and treating the cause of your health concerns. Homeopathy uses gentle, but effective homeopathic remedies. Naturopathy uses nutritional supplements, as well as Nutrition and Naturopathic lifestyle advice to overcome your personal health problems.

The improvement of your overall health and immunity to prevent further illnesses from developing is part of our main concern.

Services provided:

Homeopathy, gentle, yet deep acting healing system, read more

Naturopathy, holistic treatment system, read more

Bowen Techniques, gentle physical treatments for skeletal and muscular problems, read more


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* Homeopathy & Science - Article of Evidence:

Arnica montana Stimulates Extracellular Matrix Gene Expression in a Macrophage Cell Line Differentiated to Wound-Healing Phenotype

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Michael Higginson

Practice Locations:

72 Ormond Rd

East Geelong 3219

Ph: 52221055

Fax 52221546

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